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Hikka fest Hotline: +94 77 671 6262
Hikkaduwa has become Sri Lanka's most popular and most visited tourist destinations attracting more than fifty percent of Sri Lanka's tourists every year. The sun, sea and delicious food has been the main attraction for tourists not forgetting its happening nightlife it has to offer. It is situated 98 km away from the capital, Colombo towards the south of Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is renowned for its lively beaches and natural corals as well as being the second best surfing destinations in Sri Lanka. However these day activities only play a minor role in contributing to the attractions of Hikkaduwa. Its nightlife has played a major role as well, attracting both local and foreign tourists in what it has to offer when the skies are dark. Hikkaduwa is famous for its annual ''Hikka fest'' which is the biggest beach festivals in asia. Its like no other beach festival the world has to offer, showing off Sri Lanka's best Fire dancers, drummers whilst bringing down some of the worlds popular rave DJ's, Fashion Tv models and many other artists for the five day event, making its organizers to work hard to put Sri Lanka on the map for young people around the world. Its season begins during the summer, attracting those summer holiday tourists looking for a long break from their work or academic summer breaks during the months of July and August. This shows that Hikkaduwa is being promoted in the minds of the future youngsters promising it it to be Sri Lanka's number one future destination.
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