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Pearl of the Indian Ocean
A holiday in Sri Lanka has another name "A mind blowing experience of magical magnificence" that keeps you mesmerized from the time you step out with a local map or Sri Lanka holidays guide in hand. How long you wish to be immersed in that state of ecstasy is for you to decide. Sri Lanka accommodation ranges from opulent boutique hotels or private Villas in Sri Lanka to Sri Lanka beach resorts. The weather is quite predictable, such that you can decide on your flight to Sri Lanka any time of the year. To learn of the captivating enchantments of the land read the holiday deals and Sri Lanka vacation packages that you can have in a tailor made Sri Lankan holiday.
The magical magnificence of Sri Lanka is not an exaggerated claim, come see for yourself a delightful land with delightful people, while enjoying Sri Lanka holidays full of local culture, aromatic cuisines, stunning scenery and exotic wildlife.
A cruel war tortured Sri Lanka for three decades ending in 2009. You now arrive in a country that is at peace with itself. Its restored tranquility makes this lush tropical island, a feast of fantasy with a difference.
This island, described by Mahathma Gandhi as "unsurpassed on the face of the earth", where you can hear " the song of the celestial fountain" is only 350 km long and 180 km wide at its widest.
The tropical island sits snugly between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea detachedly determined to face the trade winds from the West and the East. The Indian Ocean phenomenon known as the Monsoons is a staunch friend that helps us to assure the reliability of Sri Lanka weather.
It is the same winds that brought ancient mariners, traders and explorers who called this bewitchingly blessed land Lanka , Taprobane , Serendib, Sailan , Cellao and Zellan. As the great Bard himself wrote "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", so does Sri Lanka despite the name it is called by.
Sri Lanka
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