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6 Nights Diving Tour
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Day 01: Enjoy a Negombo city tour
At the airport you will be met by your chauffeur guide Reshni or one of his guides who will take you into the fishing village of Negombo. Once at the comforts of your hotel, If you have spare time, your chauffeur guide will introduce you to some of Negombo's curious sites such the Dutch churches or laze on the golden sands. Over evening tea meet your personal diving instructor Felician Fernando from the licensed diving school just walking distance from the hotel for an introduction to Sri Lanka's mysterious ship wrecks and coral reefs.
Dinner and Overnight Negombo
Day 02: Morning & Evening Dive
Make the best of the day venturing for both a morning and evening dive. Some of the dive sites that can be explored from Negombo are:
Marawila: Explore the wreck of a Royal Air Force fighter bomber, which despite crashing over fifty years ago is in great form. It is common to sight large moray eels, as well as marine life.
Third Reef: 15 – 20 meters: Find yourself in calm waters where there is no trace of land nor boats or trawlers, making this coral reef much sought after. The site is great for sighting different species of rays including marble rays. Occasionally one is blessed with a pod of dolphins playing away.
Dinner and Overnight Negombo
Day 03: Morning or Evening Dive + Dutch Canal Cruise
Today will bring more thrill from the water - enjoy another dive today either in the morning or the evening. During your leisure time take a boat cruise along the colonial Dutch canals and if you are lucky spot how toddy, a palm wine, is collected by one agilely walk on single strands of rope tied between trees.
Day 04: Colombo City Tour + Costal Drive
Today your chauffeur guide will introduce you to some of Colombo's curious sites such the vibrant markets of Pettah or alternatively indulge in some shopping. Relish the journey as you drive just by the natural turquoise waves, pass villages as locals go about their daily lives and more. Having reached your destination, Hikkaduwa home to many beachcombers, relax and unwind. Next, meet your dedicated diving instructor Somadasa from the licensed diving school just a 5 minute drive from the hotel.
Dinner and Overnight Hikkaduwa
Day 05: Morning & Evening Dive
Discover some of Hikkaduwa's dive sites such as:
The Conch: 20 meters: Historically significant as one of the first oil tankers of the Shell Company which sank in 1903 as she struck the Akarta rock. It is probably one of the best and easily accessible wreck dives in Sri Lanka. The Conch is also quite a fun dive with many nooks and crannies within the wreck filled with marine life.
Earl of Shaftsbury: 12-14 meters: This four mastered ship wreck sank back in 1893, but today it is an easy dive as the remains are spread over a flat sandy terrain. Look out for the stingray, schools of snappers, lionfish and porcupine fish.
Black Coral: 30 meters: Having struggle against the current to rich such depths, you will be awarded with a panorama of rock complexes. Though the pelagic fish life is poor, there is the sight of black coral tree, which are in fact white, little crabs, shrimps, moral eels, small groupers, pefferfish and more.
Day 06: Dive + Discover the Dutch Fort of Galle
At your own pace, choose either a morning or evening dive. During the day enjoy a leisurely guided walk through the cobbled stone pathways of the Fort – a massive Dutch fort, which also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Day 7
As all good things must come to an end, your chauffeur guide with comfortable take you back to the international airport for a safe return journey. Alternatively, you are welcome to continue your journey learning of Sri Lanka's cultural heritage, endemic flaura and fauna and much more.
To arrange a tour please contact Harry
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